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Black art is the foundation of history, heritage, and a rich lineage. It holds together stories many try to hide and releases pride back into a world that still attempts to keep a group of beautiful people in bondage. It is only fitting that a collaborative collection of 4 new crowns celebrating contemporary black art has been curated. Dungeon Forward Founder and Chief Designer David Castro implemented this project because he is aware that creatives move the world forward and through time. Black art preserves history, culture, and pushes boundaries while also inspiring progress. Castro hand-selected artists from all over the US, including Chuck Styles (Philadelphia), Melissa Mitchell (Atlanta), XPayne (Nashville), and Nate Dee (Miami). This collection also marks the launch of a new silhouette for Dungeon Forward, The Sunika Kuraun Low Top. Sunika Kuraun means sneaker crown in Japanese and is a staple product for Dungeon Forward. The 4 new crowns are derivatives of each artists’ focus and express very personal moments throughout the piece. These are true crowns for the culture.

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